Our Approach

Effective & Efficient

Our Approach

The most precious commodities of business owners and their target customers are time and money. When someone gives us their time, we make sure not to waste it. Therefore, we have created a three-step approach that allows our firm to be effective and efficient.

Identify The Problem

Before we understand where your business can grow, we must first understand the current health of your business. By conducting a full diagnostic analysis, we will be able to fully understand where your greatest challenges are, as well as your greatest opportunities for improvement. Once this analysis is complete, we will create a strategic game plan for you and your team to implement, and we will work side-by-side with your team to ensure that the plan is successful.


  • Product Strategy
  • Reviews & Reports
  • User Insights


  • Design
  • Development
  • Creative content
Research, Design & Implement the Solution

Once the strategy is set, we will meet with all third party providers on your behalf to determine the best ROI for your business. We will research each company and their solutions as well as do our own market research for your areas of improvement. We will negotiate your expenses, generate additional value desired from vendors, and place your external media strategy with creative and cutting edge content. Thanks to our years of experience designing broadcast, visual, and digital strategies and creative, your messages and delivery will differentiate you from your competition.

Report Our Results

In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting provides full transparency of our strategies to our clients while also reporting the results monthly in (2) 60 minute consultation meetings at the beginning and ending of each month. This allows are firm to present to our clients what is working and what still needs improving, so that we can provide real time solutions which save you time and money.


  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Optimization
Building success with clients

In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting has changed the way I view marketing because it’s not about how much money we devote to our advertising budget but more so about the creativity and effectiveness of the plan while continuing to generate a very good ROI.

Dr. Jason Hehr
Hehr Oral Surgery & Aesthetics

In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting has allowed me to be able to examine our business with a fresh set of eyes. Their excitement and enthusiasm re-energized our efforts and together we uncovered new ways to deliver to our consumers. They removed the intimidation of marketing and the unknown by reassuring me of what we should do, how much we should do, and how often we should do it. ITB has literally held our hand throughout this Pandemic and brought new life and new ideas that have changed the course of our future for the better.

Sarah Fitch
Mt. Pleasant Seafood

In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting has changed the way I view marketing because their creativity in how to reach people really works-customers comment all the time about how much they love our social media and wouldn’t have otherwise known about us.

Joanne Migliori
Migliori’s Pizza

We were stuck in a pattern of targeting the same areas at costs greater than necessary.  Working with the In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting team brought an efficiency that was lacking from our previous two marketing coordinators.

Bill Henzy
International Diving Institute

My favorite part of working with In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting has been the continual communication through our project and the passion of getting it completed to our high satisfaction.

Coleman Bates
Brody Bates Foundation

In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting has positively impacted my business by digging in and developing an understanding of my business plan then developing a market strategy to accomplish the plan. Working with them was a comfortable non-stressful experience.

Joe Rice
Renegade Chef

In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting knows how to get the phone to ring with new customers and influence past customers to become long term loyal customers. They do the research, test the marketing, and develop a marketing plan that works. This saves me a lot of time. Time that can be spent in other areas of my business.

Michael Gregory
Express Sunrooms

In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting has positively impacted my business by helping us strategically place our media buys and working with us on ways to be creative. They work closely with us on ways to improve our attendance and presence in the community.

Rob Concannon
South Carolina Stingrays

Working with In The Black for just over a month now has not only helped us get our message out in the most efficient manner but has also helped us target the best growth strategies for our team. We have seen exceptionally steady growth since day one and the results only seem to be getting better and more dialed in! Thanks to the whole team at In the Black !

Ashley Reese
Defining Moment Fitness