Who We Are

Meeting Your Marketing Needs

Who We Are

We are In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting. You can’t operate a business in the red, so let us help you operate In The Black.

Helping You Promote Your Business & Ensuring Your Successful Future

The media and entertainment industries are in the midst of disruption as advances in technology and infrastructure continue to reshape how, where and when content and information is consumed.

This level of disruption has created challenges for businesses to make an impact and drive results in today’s micro-media landscape; prompting owners and operators to spend more time and money trying to solve these challenges versus doing what they do best.

This misallocation of time and money often creates other challenges within the business units that result in diminishing relationships, customer experiences, and profitability through employee and client attrition. If the owner/operators are not out front leading the way, the business will quickly be out of business. It is for these reasons that we formed In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting.

In the Black Marketing and Media Consulting
Understands Business And Our Job Is Simply To Improve Yours.

We are a dedicated group of industry professionals that provide full-service solutions to ensure long-term success. We inspect, review, and attack the challenges that are created by poor media placement and devise a strategic game plan to grow your brand, your opportunities, and your bottom line revenue through performance based results.

Our Experience

Our team of All Stars have a combined 50 years of experience in developing today’s most effective local and regional media strategies and marketing campaigns. Together, we have combined our talent, knowledge and experience in the areas of operations, marketing and branding strategies, customer acquisition and experiences to provide our clients with the best possible results.

Meet The Team

Every customer engagement with In the Black Media Consulting has one of our management team ultimately responsible for a successful outcome. We’re here for you when you need us.

Jared Black

CEO and Founder

Rhetta Cloyd

Partner and Chief Marketing Officer

Cate Goff

Creative Director

MacKenna Angert

Digital Content Strategist

Allie Moorman

Digital Content Strategist

Adele Cisco

Director of Media & Client Services